The skin being the largest organ of the body also acts as an eliminator just like the kidneys and the colon.

Did you know that – More than one pound of waste products are discharged through the skin every day.

If the skin becomes inactive with its pores, choked with millions of dead cells, then impurities will remain in the body. The other eliminative organs, mainly the kidneys and liver, will have to increase their labour and will eventually become overworked. If toxins and wastes begin to build up in the tissues because kidneys and liver cannot cope with their job, then sooner or later disease will follow. Such is the responsibility to keep a healthy and well functioning skin. We do need to wash, perhaps even more than we realise.

But does that ritual with the soap and water actually work? – Of course, but once you start to skin brush, you won’t need to use so much soap. That in itself, will make a lot of difference to the quality of your skin.

The Skin Brushing technique, dry and not in the bath, will change the overall health of your whole body. Circulation, quality, skin infections, irritations, body freshness, skin softness, prevention of colds, your level of stimulation, and your personal rejuvenation are all areas of improvement you can look for, when you make it a frequent habit.

What are the benefits – Dry skin brushing stimulates lymph and blood stimulation for the removal of impurities under the skin surface easily.

To brush the skin, start at the soles of the feet work your way up your legs, brushing as vigorously as you feel able to do. Then do your hands, up your arms,  chest and back towards the heart. Don’t do your face, but do the back of your neck.

Who is it good for – all adults. Those with sensitive skin should use only an exfoliating remedies with a light abrasive matter such as sea salt, pumice stone and such like. Babies and children should not be subjected to dry brushing.

Ndulge choice of brushes can be found in our link at http://bit.yl/2bl4ZbM  The long handled brush or the one without a handle but a hand strap, both used in the same way on the surface of th e skin.

If you have concerns about cellulite you can opt for the cellulite buster, available soon @Ndulge

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October 2017