2 in 1 Body Brush – Long Handle

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Natural Body Brush with Removable Wooden Handle – Super Cool Dual Use

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2 in 1 Body Brush – Long Handle

Key Benefits
Wakes up the lymphatic system
Helps to break up toxins from the body
Aids detoxing

Perfect to reach at those hard to get areas such as your back and shoulders.
Bristles are made from natural fibres and not harsh

How to Use
Use the brush in circular and upward motions to encourage the movement of the lymphatic system. Always use the brush before wetting your skin, so as to invigorate and rejuvenate your chakra energy points.
After use, rinse out bristles of brush thoroughly under running water. Hang up by rope link at the end of the brush and leave to dry naturally.

Brush handle can be removed from back of brush head to be used as a hand body brush. Super cool!

Good for all skin type
Not suitable for anyone under the age of 16

1 review for 2 in 1 Body Brush – Long Handle

  1. Jasmine H

    The bristle on this brush was just right on my skin. It really cleans the skin, and reaches everywhere.

    • Jacalyn

      Thank you Jasmin for that lovely feedback. We are glad you like your purchase

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