Holistic Skincare Product Workshop

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Who do you know that has an interest in making their own skincare?

This workshop involves creating products: body butter and foot scrub, that can be used or given as presents to your family and friends.  At the end of the day, all that you make can be taken home.

Sale ends on Saturday 17th June midnight! 

Who is it for:  Adults and Teenagers: age 14 years and older

Saturday, 22nd July 2023 in Clapham North, SW9, London, UK

Time: 11am – 3:30pm

Cost includes all your natural ingredients i.e. raw butters, oils, essential oils and containers as well as your coffee/tea/ biscuits throughout the day. Please bring an apron/gloves if you have them and a packed lunch/snack with you.

Once you have fully secured your place you will receive further details via email.



In this amazing Holistic Skincare Product Workshop we will cover the following :

Discuss self care tips and affirmations
Learning the secrets of the beauty industry
Safety aspect of making skin care
Learning about different oils and butters and what they can do for your skin
Using and blending essential oils
Learn how to make your own handmade moisturisers, scrubs and soaks using all natural ingredients 
Packaging ideas

Free Bonus on the day – Starting a skincare business overview

NB: All other information, will be email once you have completed registration.

Skincare workshop in progress

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Saturday 22nd July

22 reviews for Holistic Skincare Product Workshop

  1. Empress

    Awesome workshop. Fun informative & practical plus being able to leave with the beautiful body cream and fabulous foot scrub.

    I would highly recommend. attending Jacalyn thank you and your team for delivering this unforgettable experience that will continue to provide joy peace & upliftment as we is the products you helped us to create.

    • Jacalyn

      Thank you Empress for such an uplifting review. We are extremely happy that you thoroughly enjoyed your day with us, as you said, laughing, creating products and connecting with others. The atmosphere flowed with ease which only gave rise to a positive wellbeing. Was lovely to see you again, after all this time, and yes do enjoy your lovely products made by you!

  2. Jasmine (verified owner)

    What an enjoyable day I had at Ndulge’s recent event .

    The body butter and foot scrub session was an informal gathering of like minded health and wellbeing persons who were there to learn the basics and make products to take home. Attendees engaged in the session by way of discussion and asked questions, and it was so relaxed it was just great. Our facilitator Jacalyn, who is well versed in this field gave a good demonstration on making both products and I liked the fact she was talking, mingling and directing the class giving out sound advice along the way to ensure we got the best possible end product.

    The venue was very homely, warm and welcoming and location very easy to find. Tables were set up very well and had all the ingredients and paperwork needed. We were given notebooks for our use which was a nice personal touch. Shout out to Eva (Mrs Dalgety) and Samantha who between them supported Jacalyn in the best possible way. I also loved the professional and financial tips given out by Eva and Sam which was well received.

    There was some time at the end for networking and sharing of contacts which was a fitting end to the day. This event was facilitated by a small business owner who in turn is supporting small businesses (by sharing small business contact details for materials thus promoting along the way). Loved it.

    • Jacalyn

      Thank you Jasmine for a most thought provoking and inspiring review. Much food for thought which the team have taken on board. Happy to hear you thoroughly enjoyed your wellbeing day with us and meeting others. We totally enjoyed every minute too. Please do contact us if you have any further feedback or interests in any other of our workshops or our online store here. Much appreciated

  3. Siobhan

    We went to a lovely workshop this weekend hosted by Jacalyn of Ndulge. It was an Holistic Skincare Workshop where we made two indulgent skincare products. One was a body butter and one was a foot scrub. The atmosphere was peaceful and ambient and the organisation was on point.

    I woke up refreshed on the Sunday morning and went for an early bike ride. I can’t even remember when I last went cycling, but I’m sure the tranquility and the focus on wellbeing of yesterday’s workshop had a lot to do with it.

    Being a mum we all need some time for ourselves, and this is a treat we can indulge in for ourself.

    I wish the weekend could last longer!

    • Jacalyn

      Your review is wonderful and the Team thanks you. We are happy you enjoyed your day with us, and it continued to roll on to Sunday. Wellbeing is so important, that we all forget to make it a priority anytime of the day. A tranquil 10 mins quietly, an exercise class, a local walk all adds up to having some ME time. Thank you for the lovely post and review.

  4. AA

    We had a great time! My daughter is remembering to cream herself now! Who knew this is what it would take! 😁

    • Jacalyn

      Who would ever have guessed! Lovely to hear the products inspire the young to moisturise daily, especially as she made the products herself..
      What they see and hear is what they will follow. The Team are more than happy for allowing us to be of service and a role model to her for the day. Thank you to you both for your lovely review. It means a lot

  5. Shirley

    I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop it was excellent so inspiring.
    Blessings to you all.

    • Jacalyn

      Thank you Shirley for your inspiring review. Happy you enjoyed your time with us. Blessings to you also

  6. Viola (verified owner)

    Thank you for having me at you wonderful workshop, it was very for filling.
    Very informative, fun and the group was very enlightening.

    It’s very hand on, which I love. Jacalyn was down to earth and easy to connect with, which made the workshop run how it should.
    Lot of information was given verbally and we had time to take notes. If something was not understood Jacalyn would make sure everything was clear before we moved on.

    We all had a chance to work in groups and support each other which was nice. I took aways confidence to now go on my own journey with this shared knowledge. And I am grateful for your time and effort shared.

    Thank you so much Viola !!

    • Jacalyn

      It shows you loved every detail of the workshop. We are so pleased we were of service to you. Hope your next batch turns out just as wonderful. Continue to progress and grow your reality and let us know how you are getting on. Thank you for the gracious review.

  7. ASM

    Your workshop was amazing! You catered for aj so well, at the age of 8. You encouraged her to do as much as she wanted, trusted her with heat and the oils, treated her as the adults, but keeping in mind her age. You found the perfect balance! 💜 Thank You

    • Jacalyn

      Thank you for the lovely review.
      It was easy to find the balance with you and your little one. I’m sure she will go far in her pursuits. Once her heart is in it, she will feel the fear and do it anyway, making her fearless, courageous to try things and adaptable. Thank you for trusting us.

  8. Aurora

    Dear Jacalyn, thank you so much for hosting such a relaxed yet vibrant workshop. Myself and our whole group had an amazing time, we have learnt a lot,met beautiful people and felt really guided by you and your team through every step of the process. It was really satisfying making something out of nourishing and ethical outsourced natural products! Everything was really well thought out and i am still enjoying the cream, foot salts and the inspirational quoted note book you have gifted us with! Thank you!

    • Jacalyn

      We are so pleased you thoroughly enjoyed your day, and the Team also. Everything went smoothly and with such a fantastic review we will continue to shine a light for those wanting to learn about creating their own handmade natural skincare.
      I’m sure you will love the products as much as making them.
      Much appreciated.

  9. Jannett (verified owner)

    What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

    I would thoroughly recommend this workshop. It was clear just how much thought and passion Jacalyn and her team put into the planning and it really paid off.

    Jacalyn is a sistah who knows her stuff and shares generously, in a way that makes you feel you’ve known her forever. Many of us came in as strangers but within five minutes we were firm friends. We laughed as we learned in the best way possible – by doing. My lemongrass and vitamin E body butter (presented to me in a lovely gift bag) was so good it was gone in no time.

    In addition to the practical task of making our own body butter and foot scrub (I made a tea tree one), we also learned practical tips for running a business.

    Thanks Jacalyn, you were worth every penny!

    • Jacalyn

      Wow what a lovely review. I am very pleased you enjoyed the workshop along with everyone else. In fact I am eternally grateful for your chosen words. Enjoy making more body butters and scrubs for yourself and let me know how you get on. Do remember to send a picture or two of your master creations. Giving much thanks

  10. Nicole

    Great workshop! Really informative and welcoming.The facilitators are very knowledgeable and inspiring! I definitely recommend this to anyone interested in holistic skincare and/or starting a small business.

    • Jacalyn

      A lovely review. Thank you Nicole for taking the time to offer such positive feedback. The team are immensely grateful. We do trust we will see you again, and recommend others to book onto our easy going, learning and fun-filled workshops on improving their self-care/wellbeing naturally.

  11. Emma

    Spiral Skills benefitted from an incredible wellbeing workshop by Jacqulyn, Founder of Ndulge.

    Attended by our youth workers, many of which young entrepreneurs, the workshop taught both practical product making skills and insight, alongside tips for retailing and marketing your products, and how to effectively manage finances.

    The benefits of this activity to our team were two fold! We enjoyed a creative, holistic experience alongside gaining valuable skills and insight from an established entrepreneur.

    Supporting young people’s wellbeing, alongside developing their skills and access to industries are core values of ours. We believe inspiring workshops like these can provide a seed of inspiration, build confidence, and give young people a potential goal or dream to strive for in their future.

    We are now looking to deliver more wellbeing industry taster sessions across our programmes, with an increasing pool of young people interested in wellbeing and beauty industries. We know activities like Ndulge’s can be an incredible vehicle to engage them in their future and support their journeys to independence.

    • Jacalyn

      Thank you Emma for such a wonderful review. We are so pleased that you see our mission and was there to witness it unfolding. The team is so grateful you shared the gift of wellbeing with your own team and made a wellbeing day for them all. We are honoured.

  12. Monica Taylor

    I attended this fantastic work shop n was pleased with all the knowledge/practical skills gleaned and the holistic concept-the foundation of Ndulgence…I’m looking forward to all the classes in 2023-keep rising Jacalyn and crew, you rock👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    • Jacalyn

      Thank you for this shining review. You know we thoroughly enjoyed hosting you all, while watching your faces in awe from beginning to end. We will indeed keep you notified of all our forthcoming workshops, as we say ‘each one teach one’. Thank you again for your wonderful participation throughout Mon from the Team.

  13. N.Omar (verified owner)

    A fantastic well put together workshop. Would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in learning to create their own skin care products. The whole session was relaxing and very much informative with a lot of useful information.

    Thank you Jacalyn and Eva.

    • Jacalyn

      Thank you so much for your kind words. We are glad our workshops convey what we are truly doing, through our mission, which is bring the knowledge and skills to the community. Wonderful you enjoyed your day with us and watch out for further workshops creating other lovely products to build up your range and add more value to your own wellbeing.

  14. Tanita (verified owner)

    Amazing day! So relaxing and so interesting. Helped me to realise the importance of self care while making the most indulgent products which I’m so happy to gift to my family. Learned so much new things and it was really practical also and was such a nice group have made friends too!

    • Jacalyn

      Thank you Tanita for trusting us, bringing along friends and all together we had the most fun and laughter throughout the day. Too often we take self care for granted. Small pockets of doing one thing each day, will add value and peace to your mind and body. It’s very important to ensure it’s a part of your life/work balance routine, you won’t regret it.

  15. Jasmine

    Had an amazing day! Really informative and a fun vibe. We made some amazing products. Can’t wait to try them out at home.

    • Jacalyn

      Thank you for trusting and spending quality time together with us. We are happy that you found the day amazing and informative. Trust your products continued to give you joy till the last drop. Do try making them at home. Any queries please contact me and I will be more than happy to assist you.

  16. Matt (verified owner)

    Fantastic, informative and interactive workshop on body butters and scrubs. Staff are warm and engaging and make the time fly by. I’ll be back in the summer for the next workshop!

    • Jacalyn

      Wow, we are so happy you had a warm and engaging time with us. We will definitely keep you posted and you can look forward to new product creations, more industry trends, wellbeing tips and enjoyment. Thank you kindly Matt

  17. Paige (verified owner)

    This workshop was excellent ! Jaqueline and Sam are great hosts and educators. The workshop is very informative offering information about creating your own products as well as the importance of self care and wellbeing.
    We were even gifted a free well-being journal which was very thoughtful.

    I can’t wait to return with a loved one to do their next workshops !

    • Jacalyn

      Your review speaks volume, like so many on here. We are totally thrilled that you love the workshop so much you are excited to come back, learn how to create other products, and bring a loved one to Ndulge and enjoy their day with us. We look forward to the day Paige. Thank you

  18. Amina (verified owner)

    It was an amazing session of where we got to relax wind down and learn skills we can take away. It was fun and everyone had a lot of fun today. I learnt a lot of body butter and foot scrubs. What I loved most about the session is the acronym GOAL: Go Out And Live!

    • Jacalyn

      Thank you Amina for your review. I totally agree with you as we have intentionaly designed a workshop like no other. A safe space to unwind, be yourself, create products and get everyone to think courageously what does self care and self love really mean to them, as well as make wonderful products to take home. Well.. the acronym speaks for its self wouldnt you say.

  19. Karina (verified owner)

    Great workshop! Had the best time. I’m over the moon with the products that I was taught to make & now get to take home. Jacqueline & Sam we’re both great & so so encouraging! It was great fun, yet relaxing at the same time. Very much therapeutic. Met some lovely people & was such a great atmosphere overall. Lovely place aswell!

    • Jacalyn

      Thank you for trusting in us and having one of the best times as you rightly stated. We hope you will continue to make products for yourself and showering yourself with selfcare regularly. We are a click away if you need to chat with us.

  20. Camilla Jacques (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the workshop, warm welcoming and loved the meditation part. So happy with my cream and foot soak, which I made. I would highly recommend this workshop thankyou ladies

    • Jacalyn

      We are mighty pleased you enjoyed the workshop, and pointed out you loved the meditation session. As you became aware we offer more than learning how to formulate your own skincare on the day, but also an emphasis on self care, suggesting ways of improving your wellbeing and balancing an holistic lifestyle overall. We look forward to see you again soon to continue Ndulging and formulating other products this year. Well done Camilla

  21. Cassandra (verified owner)

    What a lovely day! I learned new skills, gained and shared knowledge with some wonderful women.
    Knowing that I chose the ingredients and made my products, makes using them even more special.
    I definitely recommend this workshop.

    • Jacalyn

      Thank you for your wonderful review. We learn much from each other as we continue to hold these workshops with like-minded people, and it fills us with joy that the products made my yourself boosts your self confidence. Thank you also for all recommendations to the workshops and we hope to see you again soon as you continue your journey of self care and love

  22. Stephanie Stewart

    I travelled from Nottingham for Saturday 22nd July 2023 event. Jacalyn and her team facilitated the day very well. It was time well invested as we learnt how to make our own body cream and foot soak, and was encouraged to take time out to indulge in self care as we lead busy lives, the atmosphere was fun and relaxing. I was able to connect with other business minded ladies. All in all a great day out.

    • Jacalyn

      We are so happy to hear you thoroughly enjoyed yourself and felt it was time well invested in your own self care. This was entirely the aim for the day. Ndulge in your own handmade products with the colours and scents of your choice. Thank you for coming to London to be with us, we are impressed. Well done Stephanie, and we hope to entice you across again soon, so watch this space and do share.

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