Foot & Body Soak (Limited Edition)


Highly concentrated blend of detoxifying premium salts and aromatic sensual oils

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Foot/Body Salt Soak – 200g & 500g

Key Benefits
*Naturally enriched with numerous minerals
*Reduces stress levels
*Eases aches in and muscular pain
*Assists in lowering blood pressure
*High level of detoxing
*Cleanse pores
*Softens skin
*Relaxes mind and body
*Revitalises and invigorates

Our combination of Dead Sea Salt and Epsom salts gets a round of applause from our customers.
Blended with the finest unadulterated essential oils to gently ease the stress from the body, soothe and detoxify the lymphatic system while gently rejuvenate every muscle in your body. To add a luxurious touch, fresh dried petals have been included, which will easily rinse away from the bath after use.

How to Use
Pour 2 to 3 handfuls of the salts into the bath water. Relax in the bath allowing the salts and essential oils to penetrate and stay on the skin.

Alternatively, massage a handful of the dried salts in a circular motion directly onto the skin, working upwards from the feet towards the heart, and then from the neck down to the heart including arms to gently exfoliate the skin. Immerse the whole body into the bath water allowing the salts and essential oils to settle, stay on the skin and leave the skin with a glow.
Weight in two sizes: 250g or 500g in upcyclable bottle

Available scents are :
French Lavender
Citrus Grove (until stock lasts)

Complimentary remedies :
French Lavender & Comfrey Foot Balm
French Lavender soap
Lavender Body Cream
Peppermint Foot Balm

Additional information

Weight N/A

200g, 500g


French Lavender, Ginger, Peppermint, Citrus Grove


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