The summer days are definitely coming to a close here in the UK, and we have already started wearing boots and closed up shoes to keep the cold and rain out. But that’s no reason to neglect our feet until the spring raises its head again. Instead treat yourself all year round to one of the most amazing sources of foot and body soaks you can envisage.

Our Foot & Body Soak consists of a overdose of Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt resulting in the benefits of a detox spa coupled with the most natural minerals you can put your hands on this side of the sea coast. A variety of scents are available to intoxicate your senses. French Lavender for calming; Peppermint to give you a shot of alertness and pep you up; Ginger for easing aches and muscle tension away. Soak to your heart is content in a foot spa or bath immersing the whole body.

To compliment the soak, why not treat yourself to our amazing Foot Balm presented in French Lavender oil. A must, with or without the soak, for daily use to soothe the sole of the feet right up to your ankles and beyond if so desired.

All natural ingredients, cruelty free and honest clean remedies.