Over the many years of having the conversation with family, friends, the majority from colleagues and business associates I’ve spent time with, and to be honest women, the same question raises it head time and time again. What can be done to avoid having wrinkles?

You may ask is this really possible? The answer I believe it is. The key is in moisturising. Not in ‘I’ll do it this week, and it will be alright next week’.

Like anything else you want in life you have to be consistent, make it become a habit till it becomes second nature. Learn to moisturise every day and make it a priority, no matter the weather conditions. The earlier you start, the better – you get results.

Is it a Trend?
No it’s not a trend. Trends come and go. Self care is not.

If you learn from an early age to start taking care of your skin, it will reward you. Even if you haven’t, when you do become aware of moisturising, make the effort and start. It is a body ritual all on its own.

Body moisturising has been with us from the beginning of time. Researching the body rituals on wellbeing and selfcare of indigenous tribes across Africa, from Egypt, Ghana, Cape Town to Kenya, the Indians of South America, the Caribbean, the evolution of Roman baths and Turkey spas to name but a few, shows the thread of traditional wellness in one form or another, also know as pampering.

What should you choose?
Nowadays we have an abundant choice of moisturising creams, lotions and oils in the marketplace. The choice you make should be one that stems from a basis that is suited to your skin, offering the optimum benefits you expect from a good quality product.

At Ndulge we encourage to not think only about the beautiful scent a remedy may permeate in the air, but what exactly will that cream do for your skin to offer protection, hydrate, enhance collagen, stimulate new growth, clear pores, blemishes and soften skin. Our formulations are tested and retried to present each remedy at its optimum peak to every customer upon purchase. The selected ingredients are used to heighten and balance the potency of the end product for your skin type.

To read more about our handmade natural body creams use the link here to Ndulge website https:// bit.ly/2JDT8n1 and treat your skin to what it has been looking for.

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