Nothing finer than to use fresh handmade skincare remedies as your treat.....
Nothing finer than to use fresh handmade skincare remedies as your treat

British Summertime starts here……

Lets go down to the beach today or do a homemade spa for the day….

We all could do with some quality time to pamper ourself the way we love to. Dont let pandemic or anything else get in the way of you taking care of yourself regularly! The choice is yours to do social distancing with family members at the beach, or your own individual lavish time all to yourself. Either way, we have some great tips below, to create that feel-good, fabulous feeling you have once you have pampered yourself endlessly. Treat yourself to some of the favourite skincare remedies from our handcrafted luscious range. High performing, #Handmaderemedies to bring your skin to perfection, be it at the beach or in your bathroom. Lets go.

Soap – First cleanse
Salt scrub – Second deep cleanse = (2 in 1 cleanse and moisturise for feet and body)
Body Créme – Third Body Moisturiser
Foot Balm – Fourth Final Pamper

Can you think of anything finer than to pamper yourself in luxurious handmade skincare scrubs, creams and balms while the sound of waves, or let’s say your most mellow music drifts you off to a place of inner peace, calmness and tranquillity? Imagine the water lapping at your feet playfully while you sip on an ice cold drink. It’s really not that far away, and the scene can be set up in the comfort of your home in advance. soothing your skin to purity, radiance and efficacy.

Choose a time where you can have some #metime for an hour or ideally more. Set out all your favourite skincare remedies in easy reach to you. Light a candle, or two and place in a safe place, just enough to take in the aromantic aroma. Prepare to pamper from head to toe and include one or more of our suggestions from the list above, along with your favourite facial cleansers and hair products.

Let us know how it goes.

You can take a 1min video of the products you decide to use, why you chose those particular ones and send to us on our social media page of Ndulgewellbeing at Instagram or FB. Links are below.

All products can be used at the beach or in the comfort of your bathroom. Suggested picks are: 1&3, 2&3, 1&3, 2&4 or 1, 3&4 all available on our website now

Enjoy your beach time or your home spa and make the most of this season

Happy Staycation,