Goats Milk Gift Set


Soothes, calms extreme dry and sensitive skin, reducing irritation and anxiety while cleansing the skin. Gentle enough for babies and children

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Goats Milk Gift Set – 500g
(Goats Milk)

Available in the following scents:

  • French Lavender Goats Milk Set
  • Unscented Goats Milk Set

Goat Milk Bath Powder

Key Benefits

*Regenerative effect
*Stimulates the growth of skin cells
*Promotes rapid healing
*Encourages Restful sleep
*Reduce stress levels and anxiety


Finely grounded goats milk has been created to sooth irritated skin. Formulated especially for sensitive and problematic skin this bath milk is gentle enough for babies and children as well as adults.
Goats milk rich in natural enzymes, coats the skin surface building up a barrier to hold in moisture under the pores. With very dry or rash like skin, it tends not to hold in moisture and so becomes sore, cracked and itchy. This soak is the first step to combating this.
No added colour or synthetic fragrances, just pure luxury indulgence.

How To Use

To enjoy your chosen Bath Milk, pour several handfuls under warm running water. Lay back and relax, completely immersing yourself whilst the scent lingers and fills the air. Gently pat your skin dry allowing the aroma to settle and stay with you.

Our Goats Milk bath soak is blended with grounded kernal and comes in 2 different scents.
  • Unscented Powder -For those with extremely sensitive and dry skin.
  • A shot of French Lavender Bath Soak
    Enjoy a deep relaxing bath with our French Lavender bath milk, to unwind and relax the nervous system, eventually giving rise to a calmer mood. If you are not susceptible to essential oils this is ideal. Dried lavender petals are added to truly make this a bathing experience.


Soap – Unscented and French Lavender

Key Benefits
*Unscented –
*Aids calming effect
*Mild on skin

French Lavender –
*Mild on skin
*Sweet fragrance

How to Use
Use daily to cleanse skin thoroughly. Massage into body and rinse off with cold to tepid water. Pat lightly to leave skin damp to absorb body moisturiser to be applied.


Body Cream – Unscented and French Lavender

Key Benefits

*Mild body cream to enhance wellbeing
*Penetrates to lock in hydration and moisturise throughout the day
*Soothing and balancing properties on burns, wounds and inflammatory skin conditions
*Stimulates the growth of healthy new cells
*Encourages restful sleep

Only naturally active ingredients contained in product. See Goats Milk Body cream and Lavender body cream for further details.

How to Use

Use daily after bathing and while skin is still damp to seal in the moisture. Massage into the skin allowing it to linger for a minute before dressing.

Packed in PET recyclable pots – Weight 200g

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Additional information

Weight 500 g

Unscented Goats Milk Set, French Lavender Goats Milk Set


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