Luxurious Lavender Body Créme


Instant action – calming and soothing upon contact while gentle reducing blemishes, dry skin and more

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Key Benefits
*Moisturise dehydrated skin to an even glow
*Assist in clearing congested areas of the skin
*Known to tighten skin
*Reduces open pores and lessens scarring                                   *Antibacterial                                                                                   *Antiseptic

A rich moisturising body cream with the light lingering scent of the Mediterranean for daily use. Beneficial to soften and nourish very dry skin, especially known for soothing rashes and blisters. Helps to prevent moisture loss and gives a toning effect that can help clear oily, as well as mature skin. Infused with vitamins A, E, F and K and prevents premature aging wrinkles and facial lines.

Anthemis nobilis (Lavender hydrosol), Aqua (filtered water), Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter/oil), Olea Europaea (olive oil), Helianthus annus (sunflower oil), Cetyl Alcohol (stabiliser), Glycerin (vegetable glycerine), Salicylic acid (preservative eco), Tocopherol (natural vitamin e) Lavendula augustifolia (French Lavender essential oil).

How to Use
Massage into the body from the feet upwards to soften, nurture, smooth and keep the skin free from blemishes. Use the body cream daily for longer lasting results.

Complimentary Remedies:
French Lavender soap
Lavender Salt Scrub
French Lavender & Comfrey Foot Balm
Lavender Candle

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